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PANDA - UI/UX Design



Play And Neuro Development Assessment

Client: Angel Eye Camera Systems

Project Role: UI/UX Design

Project Goal: Translating research findings into the development of extremely affordable products and services that are able to provide effective diagnostics and treatment results.

Product Solution: An at-home developmental delay diagnostics app.


Product Goal + Role


The PANDA project is an ongoing research study with the objective of launching the app to the market in 2020.

As the UI/UX Designer on this project, I was responsible for translating the research findings into design elements that essentially contributed to the app design. As the design lead, I created the information architecture, low-fi wireframes and hi-fi prototypes, conducted user testing, and iterated the design based on the user feedback.


Problem Overview

1 in 4 children between 0-5 years old are at risk for a developmental delay or disability. The first 3 years of a child’s life is an amazing time of their development, and what happens during those years will stay with a child for a lifetime. The sooner a delayed child gets an early intervention, the better their progress will be.


Current Assessment Experience


Pain Points

Asset 9.png

1. Lengthy Procedure

missing the best treatment timeline

Asset 10.png

2. Multiple Stakeholders


Asset 11.png

3. Subjective Results

misleading test results


Design Opportunity

We want to make developmental delay assessment simpler, more accessible, and accurate for parents through a solution that...

Eliminates the number of phone calls and doctor visits.


Utilizes technology to provide quantitative test results.


Offers faster test result turnaround time.




Design Direction

An at-home developmental delay diagnostics app for parents with newborns. The app allows the parents to take videos of their child, upload the videos, and then to be analyzed by a video algorithm developed by Penn Medicine, the Rehabilitation Robotics Lab.

Asset 12.png

User Flow

Asset 13.png

Wireframe Sketch


Style Guide


Hi-fi Prototype

A few key screens from the hi-fi app prototype.


Usability Testing

We brought a hi-fi clickable prototype to several parents to test the app user flow, the content, as well as the interaction design. We asked the parents to verbalize their thought process while going through the app, and to take a video of their baby after they reached home to test how well they understood the app.


“Oh I didn’t realize there was instruction on the top…”


“What’s the difference between the limb length and limb height?”


“Where are my videos going to? Who have access to them?”



Consent Form - IxD

Asset 3 copy.png


Users feel more intuitive to swipe than to click through the pages.

thumb_Consent Form p1 - Invitation to participate@2x.png


Changed the interaction from clicking to swiping for more intuitive user experience.


Caregiver Profile - UI Design

Asset 5.png


Users said they didn’t notice where to type their name on the previous prototype.

Enter Caregiver Info 1-1@2x.png


Added a box around “Edit Name” to highlight the information.


Infant Profile - UX Design

Asset 6.png


Some users didn’t understand what the difference is between limb length and limb height.

Enter Baby Info 1-1@2x.png


Provided additional information on specific terminologies.


Tutorials - UI Design

Asset 11.png


Users didn’t notice there was instruction on the top of the screen.

Asset 9.png


Moved the instruction to the bottom for better user flow.


Information Privacy - UX Design

Asset 10.png


Parents’ concerns on their information storage and protection kept being brought up through conversations.

thumb_VIdeo privacy protection 1@2x.png


Added this pop-up explaining the information usage and protection to provide parents with reassurance on their information privacy.


Interaction Design


Consent Form


Design Consideration

I was working closely with Dr. Prosser to ensure the content in the consent form meets the legal requirements, while at the same time easy for parents with different education levels to understand and digest.

Agree to Participate


Design Consideration

I included a dropdown menu to gain feedback from users who don’t wish to participate to help improve the research study.


Caregiver Profile


Design Consideration

I designed the icon for both the caregiver’s and the infant’s profile to be gender and race neutral.

Infant Profile


Design Consideration

I included a “learn more” button to help parents acquire additional information on specific terminologies.


Watch Tutorials


Design Consideration

I made sure the infants that are shown in the tutorials cover a range of diversity.

Upload Video


Design Consideration

I added a pop-up every time before parents upload their videos to reassure them their information safety.


Website Design

Users’ information is synced with the ones they have entered on the app.