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Hasbro - Product/Interaction Design



Brands: furReal, Littlest Pet Shop

Role: Product Designer

Project Experience: As a product designer on the team for both brands, my daily responsibilities include but not limited to creating concept/product sketches, character and storyline development, interaction design of each character, communicating and collaborating closely with cross-functional team including PM, Marketing, Sculpture team, ME/EE/Fabric/Packaging Engineers, Sound/Graphic Designers, our partners in the HK office who oversee the manufacturing process of our products, and outside vendors.



Shaggy Shawn

This shaggy pup sure could use a new look! With the buzzer accessory, kids can style this handsome hairful over and over again, making it look like he got a trim each time. Fun accessory makes buzzing sounds and vibrations, so kids can feel like theyre real pet groomers. There are so many ways to style this terrier pet  kids can give him a mohawk look, a comb-over, a fancy moustache, and so much more!


Cuddlin’ Cleo

This adorable little kitty needs someone to feed and care for her. When she’s fed with her bottle, she closes her eyes and makes slurping sounds. Watch the bottle for swishing effect! Keep feeding her and she’ll fall asleep with the cutest sleeping sounds (including an occasional snore). Remove the bottle from her mouth and she wakes up – her eyes open and she makes happy sounds. Now it’s time to play with this soft, sweet kitty!


Check-up Zandi

The Check-up Zandi pet is a sweet little monkey whos ready for a check-up! Kids can use the stethoscope toy to listen to heartbeat sounds and pretend to take her temperature with the thermometer toy. As they soothe their little patient by petting her on the head, her eyes will open and close as she makes happy sounds. Seems like that check-up went just fine!



Littlest Pet Shop Cosmic Pounce Friends

A line of galaxy-themed group of pet friends all with cosmic deco that resembles a starscape. One very special member of the group features glitter deco and a special design that glows in the dark. These pals are surely destined for out-of-this-world adventures!


All photos credit to Hasbro.