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Edie the Chubby Ice Cream Lover - Robot | Interaction Design


Edie the Chubby Ice Cream Lover

An ice cream lover going on a dieting journey.


Project Responsibilities: Character/Interaction Design + Programming

Language Used: C++




Edie was found in a dumpster by his current owner Melissa the other day on a hot, humid summer day. He was covered in banana peels and expired cat food. Melissa felt bad for this little guy and brought him back to her apartment. She gave him a little bath and fed him with some ice cream. At first Edie was confused by what he was fed with, but immediately after he fell in love with it! He started hopping and begged Melissa for more. Melissa also realized that Edie was super into ice cream, and she was happy to see him getting so cheered up. She then began to stock up her freezer with all flavors of ice cream.

However, a few weeks after, she noticed that Edie was getting a little chubby. She then started to think whether it’s time to balance his meal a bit. She went to the grocery store and got some broccoli. And as we have all expected, Edie hated it! He spit out the broccoli as soon as he put it into his mouth, and started acting super grumpy. And the story continues…

Edie 04.jpg

CHARACTER DESIGN - eye expression





The communication between the user and Edie is created by IFTTT (IoT) by sending emails with different hashtags (e.g., #broccoli or #icecream) to my Particle Photon to trigger Edie's actions. After the actions are triggered, my Photon will send feedback back to my email telling me how Edie feels (e.g., Edie says “Get me out of here!” when fed with broccoli or “I love you Danielle” when fed with Ice Cream).