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Chinese Learning Lunchbox - User Experience Design | Product Strategy


Chinese Learning Lunchbox

Educating American-born Chinese children to learn about Chinese culture through the lens of food.

Project Role: Product/User Experience Designer

Project Goal: Creating a product that solves a real world problem with an opportunity to be commercialized.

Product Solution: A monthly subscription service to help American-born Chinese children reconnect with their Chinese heritage in a fun and engaging way. The product provides three learning outcomes to the users, from connecting with Chinese culture, to understand Chinese culture, to appreciating Chinese culture.


Chinese Learning Lunchbox App


Chinese Learning Lunchbox Website



More than 50% of parents of American-born Chinese (ABC) children have expressed their concerns on their children becoming more disconnected with their Chinese heritage.

To address this concern, I asked “How can we create a more engaging way to help American-born Chinese reconnect with their Chinese heritage?”



To better understand American-born Chinese children’s experience in learning about Chinese culture throughout their childhood as well as how it’s impacted their life, I interviewed over 20 ABCs between the age of 9 to 36 years old.

I used a set of research methods during my user interviews, including card sorting, 2x2 matrix, storytelling, journey mapping, and etc.. Through synthesis, I found that during the age of 9 to 14 years old, the majority of American-born Chinese children go through a series of identity crisis on top of all the other changes that they have in their lives during this time period. Therefore, I decided to focus on discovering the design opportunities for this age group.




Categories ABC children are interested in learning about Chinese culture

Majority of American-born Chinese have expressed their strong interests in learning about Chinese culture in the aspects of food, crafts, and history.

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Ways of learning that ABC children prefer & lack

Kinetic learning is seen to be a great opportunity that ABC children currently lack of that can help create a more engaging learning experience.

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1. Making learning engaging is hard

A lot of ABC children are currently going to or have gone to a Chinese school, but it’s hard to keep them engaged.


2. Schoolwork and social life becomes an obstacle

Most ABC children start to lose interest in going to Chinese schools after 4th or 5th grade due to the increase amount of schoolwork and social/extracurricular activities.


3. Self identity awareness

Children entering adolescence begin to self-identify, while some ABC children decided to stay connected to Chinese culture, more of them decided to fit into the mainstream American culture.



An engaging learning tool that educates American-born Chinese children about Chinese culture to facilitate the practice of kinetic learning, as well as the exploration of Chinese history and its impact to the world.

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A subscription service that sends a Chinese Learning Lunchbox to the users on a monthly basis with a different theme each time. The Lunchbox is paired with a learning app that educates American-born Chinese children about Chinese culture through the lens of food. The app unlocks a new category each time the user receives a new package.






UX/UI Design

The learning app aims to provide American-born children with a complementary digital learning experience aside from the physical activities provided in their Chinese Learning Lunchbox. With ads-free interface, parents don’t have to worry about their children browsing irrelevant materials on the app.




Choose your Chinese Learning Lunchbox of the month.


Learn about dumplings from different regions in China and from different countries.


Track your family traveling history before they moved to the U.S. to understand how their travel history impacted their ways of living.


Explore restaurants with dumplings near you or in other cities when you travel.



The ultimate goal of Chinese Learning Lunchbox is to provide American-born Chinese children with an engaging way to learn about Chinese culture so they can stay connected to their Chinese heritage throughout different stages in their life.


Measuring Tools

In the learning app, there are quizzes or short surveys for the users to assess and evaluate their learning outcome after they have accomplished each learning activity. The learning outcome will be visualized for both the children and the parents to review from time to time. The expected learning curve has been visualized below.

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Marketing Strategies

I have come up with a few marketing strategies that aim to help introduce the product and to get it into the hands of as many families as possible.


Social Events

  • sample giveaways in Chinatown

  • reward for Chinese food eating/cooking contest

  • Chinese holiday giveaways


Online Influencers

Partner with Youtube/social media influencers and bloggers to promote Chinese Learning Lunchbox on their channels.


Public Space

Showcasing the content of the product and the company at places such as museums, restaurants, Asian supermarkets, Chinese schools and culture learning centers to gain traffic from the public.


Distribution Channels

Since Chinese Learning Lunchbox is a culturally specific product, I plan on starting to distribute the products from places that are already offering products for learning about Chinese culture to allow easy market adoption and attraction. Once the products have built better recognization, I plan on launching more distribution channels.


Physical Stores

  • Asian supermarkets

  • Chinatown

  • Chinese schools

  • Culture learning centers



  • Chinese Learning Lunchbox website

  • Amazon

  • Chinese schools’/culture learning centers’ websites


Content Expansion

Vertically, I plan to continue enhancing the user experience and service design of the product from both a physical and digital standpoint. This includes constantly updating the content to keep it relevant to the user groups, revisiting the interaction design to keep it fresh and engaging, and working with experts in the relevant fields to unlock more content.

Horizontally, I plan to create Chinese Learning Lunchbox that can be used by people from other age groups or other cultural backgrounds who are interested in learning about Chinese culture, as well as to create other culture learning packages by collaborating with experts from other countries to help the company scale up.